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Everyone deserves enterprise-quality financial software

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Together, LucaNet and Function Six are taking the complexity out of finance.

For as long as I can remember, all-in-one solutions for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis with integrated slice and dice technology have been designed for global corporations i.e. with the enterprise-level funds and resources required to purchase, implement and maintain such software. Solutions for the mid-market typically either required a sophisticated integration of multiple products with the knock-on complexity for users, administrators and IT alike, or over reliance on our go-to-tool Excel to fill in any gaps.

But times are changing. There’s real excitement in the mid-market with software that have actually been designed with you in mind. These new solutions have powerful features that are really needed (as opposed to having lots of unnecessary and costly ones) and without the complexity and price tag of their historic cousins. And it’s about time too.

We passionately believe that everyone deserves enterprise-quality financial software.

That’s why we’ve partnered with LucaNet – a market leader in financial performance management software that’s designed for the mid-market. Their all-in-one solution was designed by financial professionals for financial professionals.

Check out the attached video to see a glimpse of what LucaNet software has to offer.

Chat to one of our LucaNet experts

The case for LucaNet software

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses experiencing growth or overly reliant on excel for financial consolidation, planning and reporting. LucaNet’s integrated software provides finance departments with the data collection, financial close, consolidation, planning and reporting tools necessary to deliver exceptional performance levels. It even has functionality for IFRS16 Lease accounting and predictive analytics.

LucaNet already has over 3000 customers in more than 50 countries and continues to grow rapidly. It contains over 250 dedicated ERP connectors to make data collection a breeze including SAP, MS Dynamics and Sage.

Existing customers have experienced a:

  • 90% increase in data transparency
  • 80% reduction in the time to close
  • 70% timesaving for intercompany reconciliations

Why not contact one of our LucaNet experts and discover if LucaNet can help you?

Over 3000 organisations globally have already chosen LucaNet’s software to improve their reporting.

If you’re worried about the long implementation times associated with implementing Corporate Performance Solutions, then sleep easy. LucaNet was awarded top spot in the BARC survey for speed of implementation - well above some well-known names.

And finally, LucaNet software is approved and certified by KPMG so its quality is unquestionable. Why not book a demo and see for yourself?

As certified partners, Function Six and LucaNet are virtually joined at the hip. With our highly experienced Consultants, Function Six can guide you through your financial software project – from initial discovery to sales, design, implementation and of course support. Let’s chat.

Find out more about LucaNet software here.

Graham Pattison
Graham is Function Six’s expert in consolidation and planning and leads the LucaNet practice. He is able to draw on his deep domain knowledge from his extensive accounting career having trained with KPMG and held roles including Group Financial Controller, Finance Director and Group Head of Reporting in organisations with revenues ranging from £100m to £5bn.

Download the fact sheet to understand how Authority Software handles XBRL reporting for Solvency II and COREP/FINREP


Learn how LucaNet transformed financial reporting at Toshiba.


Learn how LucaNet transformed financial reporting at Toshiba.

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